Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Past and Future

Someone please respond to this on the DP comment
wall. Man up for our party needs. You've come to
trash our houses plenty of times, now it's time to trash
yours so hand one over.

The past couple weeks I've been trying to DJ less and
party more.I've been staying up until at least 5am
every friday and saturday which is fucking my life up.
One day I fell asleep for 2 hours at the beginning of the
a work day sitting straight up and my neck all bent and
fucked up. I think constant dj'ing and dance parties
are causing serious short and long term health risks

Such as:

- Deafness
- Lung Cancer
- Liver Disease
- Vampirism

I couldn't believe this past first friday. My roommate
Miles counted 12 cop cars and also 2 fire marshals
and the police chief. Too bad they couldn't do shit!
Before they left, Miles said he overheard one of them
accept defeat and say "on to the next party." Their
recent party destroying agenda kills me. In passing,
I heard one of the piggies saying some shit about a rave.
Is that what this has all come to? Is the rave back?
I guess disgusting, empty basements filled with 150 people,
sweat, color lights and electronic music warrants the rave
classification. I only know of two people that took ecstacy
that night so that's not too bad right? Anyway, don't ever
let me start playing trance. If I start to somehow think
trance is cool to play, I give permission for anyone to
smash me.

Some party wisdom for the future:

don't ever voluntarily talk to cops

I made two little re-edits last week. One of which is
Tilly and the Wall's Beat Control (will be put up soon) and
the other of the MORTAL KOMBAT THEME. Everyone
remember that one right? It's every little kid's favorite
rave song next to that blood rave song in Blade I where
blood rains out of the sprinklers. Anyway, expect these dance
lazers to drop at RVA4DP and Henrock's Halloween Party.

Mortal Kombat - Techno Syndrome (Long Jawns Edit)

(beat control coming soon)

So you probably want the Wasted Wednesday Address?
It's 724 W. Clay St with PJ the Viking & DJvsWILD.

You're welcome.


Sunday, September 21, 2008


Friday night was unreal to me. Everyone was acting like fucking
animals and it was AWESOME. That was one of the best parties
I've ever been to. We'll be back at 534 for Halloween night. Until
then, keep checking back for other parties, songs, and mixes.

*if you go to the video's actual youtube page, you can click watch
in high quality and it wont look like shit

Video Clip by Niku Azam

Nick Ghobashi

Karen Seifert

Niku Azam

Thanks to everyone that made it.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mini Mini Mixi

Here's a little snip I put together real quick to get you ready
for friday and pumped on your workout/run/drive/homework/
bathroom break/quickie/whatever.

minimix part 1

I'm probably gonna make one of these a week in hopes of actually
putting together an entire mixtape so check back if you're into it
or wanna talk shit to me.